Website CMS translation connectors

September 19, 2018

As more brands and businesses focus on their online and digital marketing, website translation is a growing trend. In this episode, we talk to our Head of Language Solutions, Tom and discuss how translation technology can improve the process for website translation, especially CMS connectors.

By using these plugins to connect a website’s CMS to a translation management system, content can be sent for translation and retrieved within the same platform, allowing businesses to have and manage a multilingual website easily and securely.

Remote interpreting - Capita LiveLINK

March 16, 2018

Interpreting services are widely used by the UK's commercial and public sector, helping them to communicate with non-English speakers. Remote interpreting (telephone & video) can deliver this service much quicker than traditional face-to-face.

In this podcast, we talk to Kate, Project Manager for our new interpreting platform, Capita LiveLINK, which can be accessed from a telephone, the web or smartphone app, and can connect you to an experienced interpreter in as little as 15 seconds.


Language in litigation & legal translation

January 31, 2018

Legal professionals & law firms dealing with multilingual documents are likely to require translation services. We talk to new Legal Account Manager Corrine, who practised as a corporate solicitor for 6 years. Understanding first-hand some of the challenges lawyers can face when dealing with translations requests, including adhering to strict deadlines and security requirements, Corrine tells us about some of the language technology available to the legal sector.

Centralising your localisation

June 8, 2017

Localisation is often a forgotten function within an organisation, is left until the last minute and then panic ensues, or most worryingly it falls off the radar and holds no importance.

In this podcast, we look at 3 methods for localisation and the benefits and limitations that each of these brings: using in-house employees; outsourcing to multiple agencies; centralising with one provider.